Supply Chain Security Incident Response: Strategies for Responding to Emerging Threats Part 3

  • Thursday, 17 Oct 2024 1:00PM EST (17 Oct 2024 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Tony Turner

SEC547 Mastering Supply Chain Security: A 3-Part Webcast Series.

This webcast supports content and knowledge from SEC547: Defending Product Supply Chains.

In an ideal world, we would have a well-defined supply chain incident response plan, complete with well-tested procedures, SBOMs, and comprehensive software inventories. However, reality often catches us off-guard. In this presentation, Tony Turner will delve into effective strategies for navigating the threat landscape across various supply chain vectors, including hardware, software, and service providers. We will explore new tools and approaches to ensure your teams are prepared to respond effectively to new and emerging threats.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Threat Landscape Navigation: Understanding the different vectors in hardware, software, and service providers.
  • Effective Response Strategies: Techniques to enhance your incident response capabilities.
  • Innovative Tools and Approaches: Exploring new solutions to improve your incident response.
  • Preparation and Response: Practical advice on ensuring your teams are ready for unexpected incidents.

Attendees will receive a supply chain incident response cheat sheet, which will be invaluable during preparation phases or when responding to actual security incidents.

Join us to ensure your supply chain security incident response plan is robust, adaptable, and effective, even in the face of new and emerging threats.

This webcast is the third part of a 3-part Mastering Supply Chain Security series. Register for parts 1 and 2 below: