SANS Chicago 2024: SANS@Night - Cybersecurity Controls For ICS and Critical Infrastructure in Times of Warfare

  • Wednesday, 14 Aug 2024 8:15PM EDT (15 Aug 2024 00:15 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dean Parsons
As physical and cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and industrial control systems (ICS) have become increasingly brazen, ICS defenses must go beyond just preventative security. ICS defenses must be ICS-specific, teams need to be proactive and have ICS cyber specific knowledge and skills. This is because traditional IT security controls applied to ICS are ineffective, cause disruptions and safety interferences. ICS cyber defense is doable and necessary to protect the critical systems that support our modern way of life. These systems make, move and power our world - power grids, water management systems, critical manufacturing, etc.

Join Dean Parsons as he walks through recent critical infrastructure incidents, and the related ICS defense controls to defend our critical engineering environments in times of warfare where cyber attacks and physical attacks are combined. AND 1 FREE ICS GIVEWAY at the talk.