Resilient by Design: Rethinking Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

Step into the forefront of manufacturing resilience as we navigate today’s cybersecurity challenges. This dialogue with Matt Cowell, VP of Business Development at Dragos, and Kamil Karmali, Senior Global Manager for Cybersecurity Consulting Services at Rockwell Automation, is dedicated to the shifting tides in cyber threats that manufacturers face, strategizing against the escalation of digital risks, and charting a progressive course of action towards OT/ICS cybersecurity outcomes.

This session will cover:

1. Current Cybersecurity Threats in Manufacturing

  • The current threat landscape highlighted in the “OT Cybersecurity Year in Review”
  • Insights from Rockwell Automation’s “State of Smart Manufacturing” report with key cybersecurity takeaways

2. Proactive Responses to Cybersecurity Risks:

  • Rockwell Automation’s expert guidance on prioritizing cybersecurity initiative
  • Developments in threat group activities and the impact of ransomware

3. Navigating the OT/ICS Cybersecurity Journey:

  • Outline the stages of the cybersecurity journey through 5 essential controls
  • Guidance at various maturity levels – either just starting out or looking to enhance

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