Managed Detection and Response: Optimizing External Expertise

As outsourcing and external management of MDR becomes more common, organizations need to know and understand what best practices look like. They also need to understand how to keep the human analysts engaged at the organization and within the MSSP. It’s enough of a challenge to establish then sustain technical interchange between two organizations. How will you maintain trusted professional interchange in a 24x7 operational environment?

In this webcast, SANS Senior Instructor Christopher Crowley, CylanceGUARD SOC Manager Adrian Chambers, BlackBerry Principal Product Manager Naser Al-Naser, and CylanceGUARD Director Patrick Slattery discuss the challenges and solutions for maintaining exceptional performance in an MSSP-customer relationship. It’s partially about the contract and technology, but great staff and effective process is what really enables excellence on a daily basis.

Join us as our speakers consider questions such as:

  • What criteria should an organization use to select a managed provider?
  • How should contracts work? How are responsibilities divided between providers and organizations?
  • When we don’t have a specifically dedicated support staff at the MSSP, how does an organization express preferences, sensitivities, and uncertainty?
  • What best practices can be applied to assure continuity and consistency for long-running investigations that cross shift changes?
  • What metrics are most important for measuring success?
  • What does a customer owe to the MSSP in terms of responsiveness and closing the loop for root cause analysis?

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