Enterprise Cloud Security Architecture Patterns: A Panel Discussion

  • Thursday, 02 Nov 2023 10:00AM JST (02 Nov 2023 01:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: David Hazar, Yuto Takei, Nobuaki Sako

The cloud is not inherently more secure than our on-premises environments, but security is not typically the reason companies are moving to the cloud. The cloud beckons to us with promises of less (shared) responsibility, scalability, automation, and cost savings. However, with these promises, sometimes comes the consequences of less visibility and less control. Join us as we discuss how organizations can gain back some of the visibility and control in their cloud environments by implementing repeatable architectural patterns. Please join us as we discuss micro-segmentation, network visibility and control, identity and more.

Learning Objectives:

  • Hub and spoke network patterns in the top cloud providers
  • The ups and downs of cloud-native network security
  • Identity federation and credential management



  • 各クラウド事業者におけるハブ&スポークネットワークトポロジ
  • クラウドネイティブネットワークセキュリティの浮き沈み
  • IDフェデレーションとクレデンシャル管理