Discover the ICS Cybersecurity Field Manual Vol. 3 

  • Wednesday, 10 May 2023 10:00AM EDT (10 May 2023 14:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dean Parsons

Join Dean Parsons in this webcast as he discusses the key takeaways of the new ICS Cybersecurity Field Manual Vol. 3. The ICS/OT security environment requires different technical and security management skills and technologies outside of traditional IT enterprise risk management and incident response. The mission and risk surfaces alone set ICS/OT incident response and risk management apart from traditional IT security. This is why ICS-specific incident response processes and plans must be multi-team initiatives, created, exercised, and maintained by ICS-specific cyber skilled defenders. The ICS Cybersecurity Field Manual Vol. 3, an advanced volume in this series, addresses the areas of active industrial ICS incident response, ICS vulnerability management and patching, as well as the ICS security skillsets needed for the best ICS security team defenders. Join Dean to learn more!

Volume 3 will be available for free download on May 2ndhere.