Deep Dive: Building Security Applications with Generative AI

  • Tuesday, 22 Aug 2023 10:00AM EDT (22 Aug 2023 14:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Ahmed Abugharbia, Abdul Kittana

In this talk, Ahmed Abugharbia and Abdul Kittana will deep dive into various methodologies and options for developing applications using generative AI technologies. They will discuss the process of building ASecureCloud’s AI-powered features, lessons learned, and demonstrate how you can apply similar principles in your own environments. Objectives:

  • Learn capabilites of current generative AI technologies
  • Different options for building applications with generative AI
  • Security and privacy when building with AI

NOTE: This webcast will be quite technical. It is recommended that attendees have a background knowledge of cloud technologies and basic programming to follow along.

About the Speakers:

Ahmed Abugharbia works for CDW’s Managed Security Services. He manages a team of engineers responsible for building managed cloud security services. Ahmed is also a co-founder of Cystack consulting. Over the past 15 years, he has worked on a wide range of security projects and technologies, including securing networks and applications, Penetration Testing, Incident Handling, as well as Cloud Security and DevSecOps. Ahmed is also an instructor for SEC540: Cloud Security and DevSecOps

Abdul Kittana co-founded ASecureCloud, a platform for automating cloud security management and operations with an AI-powered assistant. Prior, Abdul spent 14 years in the security field, with the most recent tole being a senior security consultant at Amazon Web Services (AWS). His role involved aiding clients in designing and implementing cloud security strategies for their environments.