Spring Cyber Solutions Fest 2024: Insider Threat & Identity Access Management Track

  • Thursday, 18 Apr 2024 8:30AM EST (18 Apr 2024 12:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Chris Dale

Is it really over when you are hacked? Or is it only over when our adversary has secured their impact and actions on objective? Perimeters are bound to be broken, but our game-over" scenarios should still be defended. We need to not only protect our inside, but carefully define what exactly are we defending? What has the highest impact on our organization, and from there on carefully architect our defenses to ensure we can always survive, even if we get hacked. 

We have learned that the perimeter has changed. We have a blend of inside and outside, often caused by a range of Software as a Service, Cloud Services, remote workers and more. So how do we stay secure? Come attend this forum to learn tactics, techniques and procedures we can employ to help us stay strong and secure.  

Forum Highlights: 

  • Discover how industry leading technologies and techniques can assist you with internal security policies in the workplace 
  • Learn from industry leaders as they dive into cutting-edge use case studies and specific examples, while highlighting how the tactics, techniques & procedures can provide the right information to help deter an insider threat 
  • Interact with SANS chair Chris Dale, speakers and peers in the interactive Slack workspace by posting questions and discussing the forum topic 

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