Candace Williams

Candace Williams stands out as a pioneering figure in cybersecurity, holding the prestigious title of a LinkedIn Top Voice, highlighting her status as a thought leader and influencer in the industry. As an Associate Director of Cybersecurity Leadership at Raytheon, An RTX Business, she directs a spectrum of cybersecurity operations. Her role is further amplified by her involvement in the RTX Cybersecurity Engagement Council, where she plays a crucial role in uniting cybersecurity professionals across Raytheon Technologies (RTX), underlining her commitment to enhancing engagement, inclusion, and talent development within the field. Candace's dedication to community building and mentorship is evident in her initiation of the Cyb(H)er Series in Tampa, Florida. This includes the Cyb(H)er Brunch, Cyb(H)er Roundtable, and Cyb(H)er Connect events, which are integral to cultivating a strong network of women in cybersecurity. These initiatives provide an invaluable platform for networking, mentorship, and the exchange of ideas, reinforcing her commitment to elevating women's roles in technology. An accomplished speaker, Candace frequently shares her insights and expertise at various industry forums, making a significant impact through her engagements. Her authorship of "No Experience Required: Your Cybersecurity Career Kickstart Guide" further demonstrates her dedication to cybersecurity education and mentorship. Additionally, her involvement in the RSA Conference 2024 Program Committee exemplifies her ability to contribute meaningfully to key industry discussions. Candace’s work, marked by a blend of professional excellence and a passion for diversity and education, positions her as a dynamic and influential leader dedicated to shaping a more inclusive future in cybersecurity.

Headshot of Candace Williams