Multi-Sponsored Surveys & Reports

Every year, the SANS Analyst Program develops an annual multi-sponsored survey and report calendar that features trending cybersecurity topics highly sought out by the SANS community. Developed by SANS experts, these surveys and reports provide security practitioners with actionable takeaways and the latest tools and solutions available. Explore SANS 2021 and 2022 Multi-Sponsored Surveys and Reports calendar below for sponsorship opportunities.

Spotlight Analyst Project

SANS 2021 Automation and Integration Survey

This SANS survey, developed by SANS Certified Instructor Matt Bromiley, aims to provide an overview of where organizations are in their automation and integration journey. This survey will seek to identify what areas organizations feel they have achieved the benefits of security automation and integration - SOC, IR, other- and exploring how they are measuring their success.

Upcoming Analyst Papers and Research Sponsorship Opportunities

PaperPublication MonthAuthor(s)Sponsorship Info
A SANS 2021 Report | Top New Attacks and Threat Report
This report will provide deeper insight into the threats highlighted during the SANS panel discussion at the 2021 RSA Conference.
A SANS 2021 Survey | Automation and Integration
This survey will provide an overview of where organizations are in their automation/integration journey.
A SANS 2021 Report | Securing Cell Phones
This report will explore how users are protecting their phones at a device and/or application level and gain insights on how organizations secure their company-provided, enterprise devices.
A SANS 2021 Survey | OT/ICS Cybersecurity
This survey will ask critical questions about current threats and challenges for OT security as well as explore actual and perceived risks, threats, information sources, operational implementation challenges, and levels of investment.
A SANS 2021 Survey | Threat Hunting in Uncertain Times
This survey would explore how threat hunting is working with embedded intelligence and security analytics for improved accuracy and outcome.
A SANS 2021 Report | Making Revolutionary Gains in Security on Your Endpoints
This report will detail a decision framework that security managers can use to map their existing IT management and security operations capabilities to the best mix of endpoint security tools and products.
A SANS 2021 Report | Making the Return to Work Secure, Resilient, and Productive
This report will be based on the associated interactive webinar that'll include how-to talks and examples for enabling attendees to maintain and increase the security of existing remote work approaches as the world emerges from the impact of the pandemic.
A SANS 2021 Survey | Security Operations Center (SOC)
This survey will have a special focus around changes in budgets and the impact of the explosion of both remote work and the use of cloud-based systems on critical SOC functions and team operations.
A SANS 2021 Report | DFIR Cloud Report: Partly Cloudy with a Bunch of DFIR
This report will break down all you need to know about cloud data and why it matters in digital forensics and incident response.
A SANS 2021 Survey | Vulnerability Management – Impacts on Cloud and the Remote Workforce
This survey will highlight trends in vulnerability management based on data SANS has gathered over the last two years. The survey will also look into how cloud and the expanding remote workforce are affecting
vulnerability management.
SANS 2021 Ransomware Detection and Incident Response Report 
This report will focus on common traits of ransomware attacks and how organizations can craft and improve their response plans to ransomware attacks.
SANS 2022 Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey
This annual survey will track the changes in both the world and in CTI work in general.
SANS 2022 Cloud Security Survey
This survey will explore various cloud services and how effective cloud security brokering is.
SANS 2022 Top New Attacks and Threat Report
This report will give a deeper insight into the threats highlighted during the SANS panel discussion at the 2022 RSA Conference.


SANS 2022 SOC Survey
This survey will look at optimizing an existing SOC and the escalating movement to the cloud.

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