Multi-Sponsored Surveys & Reports

Every year, the SANS Analyst Program develops an annual multi-sponsored survey and report calendar that features trending cybersecurity topics highly sought out by the SANS community. Developed by SANS experts, these surveys and reports provide security practitioners with actionable takeaways and the latest tools and solutions available. Explore SANS 2021 and 2022 Multi-Sponsored Surveys and Reports calendar below for sponsorship opportunities.

Upcoming Analyst Papers and Research Sponsorship Opportunities

Publication Date
Sponsorship Info
SANS 2022 ATT&CK™ and D3FEND™ Report: Incorporating Frameworks into your Analysis and Intelligence
This report will show security teams how to utilize ATT&CK and D3FEND together to detect and counter attacker tactics and techniques.
January 19, 2022

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SANS 2022 Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey
This annual survey will track the changes in both the world and in CTI work in general.
February 23, 2022

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SANS Ransomware Defense in 2022 Report

This report will look at how ransomware defenses have changed from 2020 through 2022.

March 9, 2022

SANS 2022 Cloud Security Survey
This survey will explore various cloud services and the effectiveness of cloud security brokering.
March 15, 2022

Dave Shackleford

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SANS Protects: File Storage
This report will examine current, prevalent threats to file storage solutions and steps organizations can take to mitigate these threats.

March 23, 2022

SANS Protects: The Endpoint

This report will examine prevalent endpoint threats and provide an actionable checklist on what security teams can do to mitigate those threats.

April 20, 2022
SANS 2022 Security Operations Center Survey
This survey will look at optimizing an existing security operations center (SOC) and the escalating movement to the cloud.
May 18, 2022

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SANS Protects: Web Applications

This report will provide a checklist of essential mitigation tips organizations can implement to their security posture.

June 1, 2022Sponsorship Details
SANS Securing Containers in Your Ops Workflow Report

This report will examine containers from the perspective of information security and will explore tools and solutions available for organizations.

June 15, 2022
SANS Protects: Enterprise Email

This report will look at threats specific to enterprise emails and how organizations can mitigate these threats.

July 6, 2022
SANS 2022 Threat Hunting Survey

This annual survey will look back at how organizations have progressed over time with threat hunting and where our industry currently lies.

July 20, 2022

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SANS Moving to a State of Zero Trust Report

This report will explore the concept of zero trust and what it means to security teams and the organization's overall security posture.

August 17, 2022

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SANS Protects: The Network

This report will examine current network threats and provide actionable steps organizations can take to strengthen their security posture.

August 31, 2022

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SANS 2022 Top New Attacks and Threat Report
This report will give a deeper insight into the threats highlighted during the SANS panel discussion at the 2022 RSA Conference.

September 13, 2022

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SANS 2022 DevSecOps Survey
This annual survey will examine indicators of secure DevOps maturity in the context of historical survey responses.  
September 21, 2022
SANS Mitigating Supply Chain Attacks Report

This report will look at how security teams can improve their network's security and keeping watch on all the integrations within the environment.

October 19, 2022

Matt Bromiley

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SANS 2022 OT/ICS Cybersecurity Survey

This annual survey will dive into safety, cyber defense challenges, and the state of cybersecurity involved with ICS cyber assets, communication protocols, and supporting operations.

November 9, 2022
SANS Protects: Cloud Assets

This report will examine current, prevalent threats to cloud assets, how adversaries abuse them, and steps organizations can take to mitigate these threats.

December 7, 2022