Overall Product Security Assessment Poster

In the realm of organizational resilience, the imperative to safeguard against threats to software supply chains cannot be overstated. Shockingly, the average duration of undetected supply chain attacks stands at a concerning 235 days, underscoring the need for a sophisticated understanding of the products traversing your network.

This poster serves as an introduction and comprehensive guide to our Product Security Assessment Process. The flow chart and accompanying information to each step of the process is an easy way to navigate your assessments. Equip your organization with the knowledge and methodologies essential for navigating the intricate landscape of software supply chain attacks. Strengthen your defenses, refine your threat model, and fortify your risk posture against unforeseen vulnerabilities.

The content in this poster supports SANS SEC568: Combating Supply Chain Attacks with Product Security Testing.

January 5, 2024
SANS Offensive Operations Poster: Think Red - Act Blue