SANS #SecureTheFamily During the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it’s prime time for cybercriminals to take advantage of the millions of people shopping online, traveling through all modes of transportation, and giving and receiving new IoT devices.

Practical Ways to Stay Safe Online During the Holidays – From Our Experts to Your Home

Promoting this content to your workforce provides an avenue to more persistent cyber-vigilance, and general know-how that will prove beneficial for all parties.

SANS Security Awareness Holiday Jingle: #GuardYourCard

Our festive song raises awareness of the cyber security risks involved in holiday seasonal shopping, including phishing scams, data swipes, fake websites, and infected attachments. We remind consumers to practice vigilance in protecting their credit card data, to review their card statements, to make purchases from trusted websites, and to ‘always stay on guard’ when shopping for the holidays.


#SecureTheFamily Video Series

#SecureTheFamily features videos developed by Digital Forensics Expert, Cellebrite Senior Director of Digital Intelligence, SANS Faculty Fellow, and mother of two Heather Mahalik. Here are top ways to secure your family’s smart home and digital devices this holiday season.

Top Threats to the Home

Anyone’s home can be targeted by a cyber attacker. In this module, digital forensics expert Heather Mahalik identifies the most common threats to home digital security and shows us how to secure a home W-iFi network and smart home devices.

Securing Devices

Many parents face difficulty in striking an appropriate balance between security and accessibility regarding their children and teens’ digital devices. In this module, digital forensics expert Heather Mahalik discusses the security risks associated with kids’ devices, as well as common-sense steps parents can take to secure devices by type and operating system.

Backing Up Your Digital Information

Backing up our digital information consistently is crucial in order to protect ourselves and our families in cases of device crashes, attacks, and other emergencies. In this module, digital forensics expert Heather Mahalik discusses the ins and outs of backing up data, including the use of cloud storage providers, scheduling regular automatic backups, understanding where data is going, and talking to family members about backups, password managers, and other important data security measures.

Balancing Your Children's Privacy Online

Our children and teens are spending more time than ever online. In this module, digital forensics expert Heather Mahalik discusses screen time limits and outlines the risks associated with kids’ online activities, including cyberbullying, social media use, video gaming, and the concept of the digital footprint.

Practical Ways to Stay Safe Online – From Our Experts to Your Home

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Meet the Expert

Digital Forensics expert, SANS instructor and mother of two, Heather Mahalik certainly is the perfect person to help you secure your family at home. If you missed her live stream introduction to this campaign be sure to take a look now. You can also find more information about Heather and follow her on Twitter for the latest news in the world of digital forensics.


Extend Your Security Awareness Program Outside the Office

#SecureTheFamily Deployment Playbook | Strategies and tips to get the most from this program

We know that you may be the IT pro in the household but are you also trying to introduce better practices at work? The #SecureTheFamily kit equips you or your employer to better educate any workforce on established techniques to secure their home devices and personal data, as well as how parents can protect their children and teens online. The guide outlines the materials included and provides suggestions on how to deploy it as part of your Security Awareness Program.

You can learn more about how this campaign can help businesses directly by visiting this page.

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