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Are you interested in taking a SANS training course? Watch this video to hear about one student’s favorite aspect of his DFIR training with SANS and what made it so valuable.

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DFIR Courses and Demos

There’s no better way to see our top instructors in action, nor to evaluate the course subject matter and difficulty level than through our course demos. Click on “Course Details” to see a demo and view the course’s availability in our different training formats. Just make sure you’re logged into your SANS portal account to access them. Here are some SANS Digital Forensics & Incident Response courses to get you started.

    GIAC Certifications for DFIR

    SANS helps you learn the skills you need to do the job. GIAC certifications validate your skills to employers so you can get the job.

    Hear from GIAC certification holders on how their certs have helped them in their careers.

    Training Formats

    Find the style that best fits your needs, from our most flexible format to our most immersive.

    What Alumni Say About Their SANS Training Experience

    This training is providing me with the blueprint to develop the cyber forensics skills needed on the job.
    Anthony F.
    - US Federal Agency
    Within the first two days of training, I had enough knowledge to go back to work and solve two outstanding issues.
    Beau G.
    - Information Systems Solutions
    It is valuable because it is comprehensive, tool-agnostic, and immediately applicable. I will directly apply the techniques of searching for malware/spyware to a recent case I had when I get back to work.
    Daniel Mandrella
    - KPMG
    FOR508 is a treasure trove of extremely useful information about DFIR and threat hunting. The course content is worth its weight in gold, and you just can't get this information anywhere else.
    Andrew C.
    - US Military
    FOR585 is the best mobile forensics course I have ever taken. You're drinking from a fire hose every day, but now you're one step ahead of the bad guys.
    Todd Faulkner
    - Cisco Systems, Inc.
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