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Help Finding the Training You Need

Basic Search Options

The SANS Institute offers a wide variety of courses and delivery methods to meet your training needs. To find the course that's right for you, select from these search options:

Search Options
CourseFind upcoming opportunities to take a specific course.
RegionFind all courses that are being offered near you.
DateFind all courses being offered within a set time frame.
TypeSpecify whether you prefer live or online training.

You can select multiple options to help narrow down the search results. Only courses that match all of your criteria will be returned. For example, if you wanted to take our Security Essentials course in a live training setting within the next two months, use these search options:

  • Course: SEC401: SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp Style
  • Date: Next 2 months
  • Type: Live

Once you've got some results, click on a course title to get more information and start the registration process. Click on an event title link to get more information about the event (including the event's full course schedule). Click on an instructor's name to see their biography and upcoming teaching schedule.

You can sort your search results by clicking on any of the column labels. Click once to sort ascending, twice to sort descending. For example, once you've found the courses that are being offered near you, click the "Instructor" column label to sort the results alphabetically by instructor. Click "Instructor" again to sort the results reverse alphabetically by instructor.

Use the "Share These Results" links to tell others about your courses. Copy the provided link and post it anywhere, anyone who follows it will see your search results. Use the social media buttons to quickly post the link to Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus. Finally, click the RSS button to get a news feed of your search results. The news feed will be automatically updated whenever a course is added that matches your search criteria.

Advanced Search Options

Click the "Use Advanced Search" link to get even more search options:

Search Options
TopicFind courses relating to a specific subject matter.
CertificationsFind courses that offer one of our many certification programs.
TypeMore fine-grained control over the desired delivery method.
InstructorsFind courses being taught by a specific instructor.

Unlike on the Basic Search page, you can select multiple options for any field. Press and hold the "Control" button while clicking to select multiple options ("Command" on Mac). When you select multiple options from a single field, you will get results that match any one of your selections. For example, consider this advanced search:

  • Instructor: Dr. Eric Cole
  • Certification: GSEC
  • Location: USA Eastern, Canada Eastern

This search will return results that are taught by Dr. Eric Cole, provide the GSEC certification, and are located in either the Eastern United States or Eastern Canada.


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Need More Assistance?

If you're still having trouble finding courses that meet your needs or with the registration process, please contact for personal assistance.