Cyber Security Training, Certifications, Degrees and Resources

SANS’ mission is to empower cyber security professionals with the practical skills and knowledge they need to make our world a safer place.

Training Modalities

At SANS, we understand students have to fit training around their work and personal lives. That's why we've developed four unique training modalities so that you can find the delivery method that best suits your needs.

Cybersecurity Focus Areas

Effective cybersecurity operations rely on layers of offensive testing, defensive architecture and monitoring, forensics and incident response, cloud security, and leadership. Advancing your capabilities in these focus areas is our mission because it furthers your ability to protect us all. Use the training and certifications we've developed to keep your skills in any or all of these areas razor sharp.
"SANS training is like no other out there. The instructors do an AMAZING job of not only teaching the topics in an engaging manner but really firing you up more about security." - Sydney Howard, Nordstrom

Upcoming Cybersecurity Training events in Europe, Middle East & Africa

SANS offers cybersecurity training all year long, in all different timezones. Find the training you would like to take at a time and location that works best for you.


The SANS CISO Network is an exclusive network for CISOs and security leaders.

The network is open exclusively to security leaders at the highest level and connects a unique group of professionals who have the appetite and the authority to make a meaningful difference. By sharing ideas and lessons learnt from a wide variety of industries, the SANS CISO Network provides its members with a platform to influence our digital future and make the world a safer place.

New courses

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    Careers at SANS Institute

    At SANS Institute, we are continuously making a difference. The SANS family are involved in shaping current and future cyber security practitioners around the world with immediate knowledge and capabilities.

    How our Alumni feel about our training & certifications

    The real value of this training lies at the intersection of quality content and delivery by a subject-matter expert actively working in the field, making it incredibly relevant and immediately applicable to my job.
    P. Watson
    - Microsoft Corp
    You cannot beat the quality of SANS classes and instructors. I came back to work and was able to implement my skills learned in class on day one. Invaluable.
    Melissa Sokolowski
    - Xerox
    With multiple real-world examples, labs that provide direct application of the course material, and top-notch instructors, there is nothing compared to SANS.
    Matthew Arnsdorff
    - Target
    SANS is the best information security training you’ll find anywhere. World-class instructors, hands-on instruction, actionable information you can really use, and NetWars.
    Jeff Stebelton
    - NetJets Inc.