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Transformational Cybersecurity Leaders

With enterprises in need of protecting against an endless and increasing onslaught of information security threats, technology management skills alone are no longer sufficient. Today it is about technology, business strategy, and people. Cybersecurity leaders need to be up to speed on information security issues from a technical standpoint, understand how to implement security planning into the broader business objectives, and be able to build a longer lasting security and risk-based culture. Adjusting employees’ and leadership’s way of thinking about security in order to prioritize and act to prevent today’s most common cybersecurity attacks requires organizational change that affects the foundational culture of the organization.

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A Transformational Cybersecurity Leader will be able to:

  • Lead security initiatives in line with business goals
  • Apply cybersecurity concepts to overall business strategy
  • Implement cybersecurity tools and methodologies
  • Analyze current state of information risk
  • Identify target state
  • Perform a gap analysis
  • Develop a comprehensive cybersecurity roadmap
  • Include employees at all levels of the org in every type of job role
  • Build, measure and manage a strong security culture
  • Decrease a company's risk profile
  • Increase ROI on cybersecurity

Operational Cybersecurity Executive

As cyber attacks become more common and more expensive, many organizations are making a foundational shift to view operations from the point of view of an adversary in order to protect their most sensitive information. Despite vulnerability tools and programs being available for several decades, breaches still happen regularly from known vulnerabilities. Complicating the matter more are a wide range of modern technologies requiring more time and knowledge to manage, more known vulnerabilities than ever before, an unprecedented migration to cloud, and ever-increasing legal and regulatory compliance standards. Information Assurance Engineers, Auditors, SOC Analysts, and Cybersecurity Managers need more to better defend an organization’s data systems. The SANS Operational Cybersecurity Executive triad is here to help you build, grow, and sharpen your cyber defense team.

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An Operational Cybersecurity Leader will be able to:

  • Grow and sharpen their cyber defense team
  • Understand purpose of critical security controls
  • Implement a prioritized, risk-based approach to controls
  • Create and mature a vulnerability management program
  • Strategically identify vulnerability priorities
  • Align SOC efforts to track and organize defensive capabilities
  • Drive, verify, and communicate SOC improvements
  • Decrease a company's risk profile
  • Increase ROI on cybersecurity

Planning Her Path to CISO

Jeneé Saunders is the first SANS Cybersecurity Leadership professional to earn both of our Triads. Her goal is to become a CISO and she found the Triads to be the perfect path for her to pursue.

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Transformational Cybersecurity Leaders

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