SANS Live Training Events

Learn real-world cybersecurity skills directly from top industry experts during SANS Live Training events featuring practical courses with hands-on labs, plus cyber range challenges and networking opportunities.

Live Training Modalities

SANS Live Training events are available Live Online or In-Person in select locations. Whichever training option you choose, you will receive high-quality cybersecurity training you can implement immediately.

Featured Live Training Events


SANS Network Security 2021

Learn cyber security techniques crucial to combating today’s cyber threats. Join us Live Online or in Las Vegas, NV for SANS Network Security 2021 (September 20-25) to experience high-quality cyber security training from industry experts and practice your skills during virtual NetWars Tournaments.

Live Training Special Offer

The future demands in-depth technical abilities coupled with security knowledge for each big cloud service provider, and we are here to help you get your hands dirty in cloud security training with re-deployable labs and a wealth of free training resources. Join us online in October for SANS Cloud & DevOps 2021 to experience interactive, immersion training that is immediately applicable.

Special Offer: Save 10% off courses during SANS Cloud & DevOps 2021 when you register and pay by September 24th!

Use code "CloudDevOps10" during registration.

View Event Details for Available Courses & Certifications

Please Note: This special offer only applies to the courses available during SANS Cloud & DevOps 2021, and is valid through September 24, 2021. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or discount, including the SANS Voucher Program, beta discounts, or Early-Bird discounts.

What Students Say About Their SANS Training Experience

The real value of this training lies at the intersection of quality content and delivery by a subject-matter expert actively working in the field, making it incredibly relevant and immediately applicable to my job.
P. Watson
- Microsoft Corp
Having an SME instructor with tons of real-world experience makes the course material easy to digest, and the Live Online platform is the best platform I've experienced!
Jeremy Swanson
- ManTech
This *really* pulled a lot together for me, and its been hugely valuable - I know parts of this are going to impact my approach to my work from my first day back.
Merewyn Boak
- Apple
Everything from the instructor to the platform to the labs & materials were great. It all fit together and made this Live Online learning process go smooth. GoToTraining & Slack worked great! I wouldn’t change a thing.
Robert L.
- US Federal Agency
SANS training keeps individuals up-to-date with relevant cyber security information. I can now apply the skills learned towards further maturing my program.
Nicholas Marriott
- Pfizer
The best part of SANS training is the absolute knowledge of the instructors. They bring real-world examples to the forefront and have their thumb on the pulse of current tactics used by attackers.
Jessie Prevost
- Trend Micro
SANS training is very valuable because it focuses on what really matters and provides practical and easy ways to improve your security posture.
Antonio Sannino
- P&G
The labs are giving me a chance to see the course content first hand and interact with it. It's doing a good job of letting me play with it and really seeing how the tools and methodologies work.
Ryan Moeller
- Eureka Strategic Consulting

    SANS Stay Sharp

    Build specific skills you can apply the same week you take your training. SANS Stay Sharp offers bite-sized 1-3 day Live Training courses taught by real-world practitioners focused on teaching practical, must-have skills you can use immediately. Whether you are new to the industry looking for a place to start or are a seasoned professional looking to sharpen particular skills, SANS Stay Sharp can help you achieve your goal.

    SANS Summits

    Elevate your knowledge, skills, and industry connections at an upcoming SANS Summit. Summits bring together cyber security practitioners and leading experts to share and discuss case studies, lessons learned, new tools, and innovative strategies to improve cyber security and overcome challenges in a particular focus area or industry. Enhance your experience with a closely aligned Live Training course offered before or after each Summit.


    SANS Cyber Ranges

    SANS Cyber Ranges offer a comprehensive suite of hands-on ranges with industry-leading interactive learning scenarios, including NetWars Tournaments and Continuous with cutting-edge cyber challenges within an integrated storyline.

    Several Live Training events feature complimentary registration for NetWars Tournaments, allowing you to develop and practice real-world skills to be prepared to defend your environment. Explore our NetWars options, and view the schedule of upcoming tournaments.

    Free SANS Resources

    Learn about SANS webcasts, view free course demos, and read our catalog for information on new courses and upcoming training events.

    Join the Community for Free

    Membership to the Community grants you access to thousands of free content-rich resources our SANS instructors produce for the information security community annually. These resources include immediately useful knowledge and capabilities to support your cybersecurity goals.