Core NetWars Continuous

Propel your cyber skillset and career with Core NetWars Continuous, which gives you four months of 24/7 access to self-paced, immersive online training.

What's New in Core NetWars Continuous 2?

This four-month subscription comes jam-packed with great new capabilities and features, including: 

  • Interactive video games that make cybersecurity skill development fun and engaging 
  • In-depth online challenges that you won't find at live NetWars Tournament events 
  • The latest tools and technologies, including advanced PowerShell, web API hacking, and cloud-based security 
  • Lab connection via VPN - no more SSH tunnel inception

Topics Include:

PowerShell challenges

Windows exploitation

Network traffic capture and analysis

Command Line Kung Fu

Penetration testing

Advanced database hacking

Common Management System vulnerability exploitation

Reverse engineering and debugging

Threat detection through log analysis

Binary exploitation

Windows and Linux privilege escalation

Firewall fundamentals

Cryptographic security and exploitation


Advanced malware analysis

Social engineering

Intrusion detection

WAF evasion

Linux fundamentals


Scenarios & Levels

NetWars is based on five distinct levels, each of which is designed for people who have achieved a given skill set, ranging from participants new to the industry all the way up to grand wizards of our trade. To represent these levels, we've established five levels and titles and given each range of skills a name. As your demonstrated capabilities increase, you can see the icon representing your level grow in power and weaponry. Check out the levels:

  • Level 1: This level is for people new to the information security industry, folks who are rapidly building their skills from the ground up.
  • Level 2: These folks have achieved some really solid capabilities, and represent the largest player community in NetWars, as they work to build their skills even further to differentiate themselves from the pack.
  • Level 3: People at this level have achieved something quite significant: they've exceeded the capability of the average info sec person, and proudly continue to grow to the next level.
  • Level 4: Some people say that there's a phrase for NetWars participants who achieve this level: "Hire 'em." That's due to their really awesome skills in solving even the trickiest infosec challenges.
  • Level 5: When you reach this level, we figure that you're so good, there's nothing we can throw at you to challenge you... except other people like you. Just as steel sharpens steel, in Level 5, master infosec gurus battle against each other in a castle-vs-castle face-off.

Who Should Attend

Laptop Requirements

  • CPU
    • 64-bit Intel i5/i7 2.0+ GHz processor
  • BIOS
    • Enabled "Intel-VT"
  • RAM
    • 8 GB RAM
  • Hard Drive Free Space
    • 40 GB Free space
  • Operating System
    • Latest version of Windows 10, macOS 10.15.x or later, or Linux that also can install and run VMware virtualization products described below.



Having participated in NetWars Continuous and in the NetWars Tournament, I can honestly say that they were the most intellectually challenging and enjoyable tests of technical skills in which I have participated.
Kees Leune
- Adelphi University
Had a great four months with NetWars Continuous. Thanks for the great learning environment.
Jason Mull
- General Informatics
NetWars is challenging for all levels of expertise, has great hints if you get stuck, and promotes continuous education.
Jon-Michael Lacek
- Wegmans Food Market