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SANS Cyber Ranges are interactive, hands-on learning exercises created by renowned SANS faculty. Each range offers replicated networks, systems, and application in a safe, isolated environment where individuals and teams can develop their skills and gain experience without compromising a live production environment.

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Customize a Cyber Range for Your Team

The SANS Cyber Ranges team can customize a range to meet your needs, define learning objectives, develop a scorecard, and configure the content and platform.
NetWars Tournament

NetWars Tournament

Experience NetWars in a competitive environment with NetWars Tournament, a 6-hour hands-on practice competition.

  • NetWars Ranges Available: Core, Cyber Defense, DFIR, GRID, ICS, and Healthcare.
  • Enhance Team Readiness: Help your team develop coordinated response capabilities, allowing them to practice their skills and prepare before facing real threats.
  • Practice After a SANS Class: Participate in a tournament for free when you enroll in a 4 to 6-day paid course at selected SANS Training events.
  • Compete With Global Peers: The winning team and the top five solo players from every Core NetWars Tournament throughout the year will compete head-to-head for their chance to claim victory in the annual SANS NetWars Tournament of Champions.

"Excellent instructors and content. NetWars is a must to reinforce your skills."

Chris J. | Oracle

NetWars Continuous

NetWars Continuous is a 4-month hands-on training solution covering a wide range of cybersecurity topics designed with challenges and hints that support continuous knowledge and skill development.

  • Focus Areas Available: Core and DFIR.
  • Extended Engagement: Explore the intricacies of a topic thoroughly and be ready to apply learned skills effectively.
  • Flexible Access: Crucial for individuals who need to balance training with other commitments and reduce travel costs.
  • At Your Own Pace: Available 24/7, be ready to enable in-depth learning, practice, and assessment online anytime and anywhere.

What Global Security Practitioners are Saying About SANS Cyber Ranges

For anyone that hasn’t taken part in NetWars before, I can tell you that it's brilliant and lots of fun.
Umar Javed
CEO - CyDefOps
NetWars is challenging for all levels of expertise, has great hints if you get stuck, and promotes continuous education.
Jon-Michael Lacek
- Wegmans Food Markets
These challenges were so much fun. Really covered so many different topics. Love how you were forced to use tshark and MySQL. Made you have to learn or relearn topic again.
C. Moody
Every point is a team success no matter who cracks the answer and gets the point(s). Have fun, connect with others and if you win that’s an added extra.
Umar Javed
CEO - CyDefOps
Having participated in NetWars Continuous and in the NetWars Tournament, I can honestly say that they were the most intellectually challenging and enjoyable tests of technical skills in which I have participated.
Kees Leune
- Adelphi University
The gamified environment made it fun and the hints were a welcome feature that really helped make progress in a limited time frame
Adam B.
Don’t focus too much on getting to the top, enjoy the experience, if you team up you can learn so much from others and it definitely helps to divide and conquer based on your skills and experience.
Umar Javed
CEO - CyDefOps
Core NetWars was challenging but not frustrating for newbies. This is my first time doing NetWars and it has been a blast.
Rachael Murray
- Northwestern Mutual
Fun challenges that really pushed you to think and adapt to overcome a variety of interesting scenarios
William L.
The increased difficulty and challenge levels as you moved through the questions encouraged you to keep going and build on the skills being practices
Dan C.
This Mini-Netwars has been a great educational experience for me in learning different ways to accomplish tasks. For my learning level, this has been challenging and rewarding
Ricardo V.
I’m a defender, so knowing how attackers attack is useful. One of the most dangerous attacks in this exercise was flashing firmware on a device that wasn’t properly secured.
Annah W.
[Cyber STX] provided our team the most realistic training environment we have encountered... We hope other CPTs get to experience this
Maj. Marty
Learning new things, thinking from new angles and the topics make it an excellent experience for me
I love how I am able to both sharpen old skills and learn new skills and tools to add to my arsenal... from the use of various famous tools to the writing of simple to complex bash calls and scripts for those tools
Jessica V.
I love taking part in the NetWars. There is such a range of challenges to complete... I had no idea you could over write C functions in binaries as simply as setting an environment variable
Oliver T.