Become a #SANSCloudAce

Supporting your journey into the future of cloud security.

According to AppDeveloperMagazine, fundamental cloud computing skills remain the most relevant and in-demand skills in 2023, outpacing machine learning and artificial intelligence. Of tech leaders, 75% are building all new products and features in the cloud moving forward, but only 8% of technologists have significant cloud-related skills and experience. Enterprises must invest as much effort in migrating their talent to the cloud as they are in migrating their applications.

Your organization is going to need someone with hands-on technical experience and cloud security-specific knowledge to navigate the risk-reward continuum. You will be prepared not only for your current role, but also for a cutting-edge future in cloud security.

To learn how you can become a #SANSCloudAce or build a team of Ace’s contact our team today.

Cloud Ace Journeys

Keep up with the speed of Cloud. Upskill. Reskill. Continue the journey. Multiple collections of three courses by job role to become a well-rounded, future thinking, cloud security practitioner.

What Does It Mean to be a #SANSCloudACE?

  • Security Focused
  • Knowledgeable
  • Experienced Hands-on
  • Confident
  • Forward-thinking
  • Aware of the bigger picture

Whether you are taking on a technical or leadership flight, SANS Cloud Security curriculum has training and certification to support your journey. Complete one SANS Cloud Security course plus the corresponding GIAC Certification to earn SANS Cloud Ace status.


Why Hire a #SANSCloudAce

  • Confidence in hands-on cloud security skills
  • Assurance in current and cutting edge skill set
  • Ability to make technical recommendations
  • Knowledge of multiple cloud providers
“SANS cloud security, automation, and container trainings and references have been critical for my employees to stay current with the volatile cloud landscape. As a hiring leader we continue to struggle to find the unicorn combination of Security/Development/Operations, and the emerging SANS trainings have been instrumental in supporting the industry’s development opportunities. Frank Kim and the rest of the expert SANS Cloud Instructor community are the tip of the spear leading this new focus area!!!”

- Jason Morris, Director, Cloud Security Engineering, USAA


The multiple cloud approach is the way organizations are going and accessing the CLI for both of the Clouds is something you can take back to the firm right away.
Fermin Miera
Very insightful details! Feels like real world examples. Looking forward to using this knowledge for my upcoming cloud challenges!
Oliver Zimmermann
- Mercedes-Benz
I would recommend this training because it has rich content that could help advance my career.
Idoga Ameh
Relevant curriculum for any cloud engineer professional.
Jeff Jarantilla
- San Francisco Superior Court