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SANS Cyber Security Training in the Washington D.C. Area

Cutting-edge information security knowledge and skills that companies, military organizations, and governments need to protect their people and assets.

Choose from the multiple live training opportunities below. Each event offers an array of courses across curricula, featuring recognized industry leaders highlighting today's biggest threats to your organization. Courses cover all skill levels, whether you're completely new to IT security, an advanced pro, or a business leader looking to mitigate risk. Many feature SANS@Night bonus evening sessions and NetWars tournaments. Nothing beats a live training event to learn the skills to take on today's threats and prepare for tomorrow's challenges! Protect your organization and get the training you need to advance your career today!

"SANS training provides instant value! I sent my team 5 improvement action items driven by today's content. Plus, I have a plan to implement network log collection that will likely save me over $100k in expenses for our current budget cycle." - Rob Conn, EchoStar

"SANS training is invaluable to anyone in technology - not just InfoSec. It provides a solid foundation in security on which you can progress to more advanced security topics easily!" - Michelle Krasser, Microsoft

Training Events

SANS Training

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    If you are unable to attend training in person during these timeframes, SANS also offers a number of options to take training courses remotely. For more details, click here.

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