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Invest in Your Organization’s Future

To protect their organizations from dangerous cyber threats, organizations not only need to find the right cyber talent with the specific skill set required at their organizations, but they also must invest in continuing skill development in order for their current talent to stay ahead of any emerging threats.


Cybersecurity Solutions for Everyone in Your Organization

As a partner in your workforce development, SANS can help your organization to:

  • Create a cyber-aware culture: Utilizing the world’s best cyber threat experts and a fleet of learning behavior professionals makes SANS the best choice for your organization’s security awareness training.
  • Recruit the right cyber talent: Whether you are looking to hire new employees for cybersecurity positions or creating opportunities for your existing talent, SANS CyberTalent can help ensure you find the right skills match for the job.
  • Develop and retain your team: Leverage the breadth of SANS courses, certifications, cyber ranges, and assessments to create career roadmaps for employees and cross-functional teams.
  • Prepare the next generation of leaders: Identify your top performers and nurture them into the next generation of cyber leaders at your organization.

Free Training, Events, Tools, and Resources for Your Team

SANS produces thousands of free resources, tools, events, and hands-on training opportunities to keep your team engaged and focused.


Read what others have to say about their experience with SANS.
My SANS instructor was excellent at sharing his real-world experience and case knowledge. That is what sets SANS training apart!
Casey McKnight
- Dell EMC
My SANS instructor was one of the best teachers / trainers / professors I’ve ever had!
David Seng
Fantastic, passionate & engaging! The instructor supplemented the course content with experience-related scenarios, improving the learning experience and making it extremely interesting.
Eliza-May Austin
- Visa
A true professional. One of... no, the best, most knowledgeable instructor I’ve ever had.
Steven Coats
- DeCA
SANS training is a central pillar of our training paths for both new and seasoned employees, and I have no doubt that it will remain so moving forward.
Jason Nickola
- Pulsar Security
The combination of highly relevant material, hands-on exercises, and instructors who supplemented the material with real-world stories and examples made the course material come alive in a way no other training could.
Ted Nichols
- BlueCross BlueShield of SC
My SANS course was, hands-down, the best technical training I’ve taken. Excellent materials, excellent instruction, and real-world scenarios that you can apply on your first day back in the office.
Justin Griffin
- Southern California Edison
SANS is far and away the leader in providing knowledge, real-world experience, and hands-on practice with the newest software and program capabilities for the student.
Paul Ehlers
- Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.
I have attended several SANS classes over the years and I am always impressed with the level of knowledge and professionalism of the instructors. SANS provides an INCREDIBLE amount of training for what you pay. No one else compares.
Ron Roupht
- Sirius Computer Solutions
SANS training features great labs and interesting instruction with actual real-world examples of why you would do something above and beyond basic book knowledge.
Martin Sutton
- Bank of America
I'm still in awe of how complete the labs are, and how flawlessly they run while still remaining educational. Consistently excellent.
Andrea Doherty
- Dell
SANS instructors make all the difference!
Wellington Rampazo
- Microsoft