WhatWorks in Improving End User Phishing Awareness, Recognition and Resistance

Year after year successful phishing attacks on end users and system administrators are found to be the factor that enables over 80% damaging security incidents. This points out the need for two key security initiatives: replacing reusable passwords with multifactor authentication and making users less likely to fall for fraudulent messages.

During this SANS What Works webcast, SANS Director of Emerging Security Trends John Pescatore interviews Liz Wallace, a director of information Security at Amgen to gain her insight on what she went through in the business justification and deployment of SANS Security Awareness EndUser Training modules and phishing simulation platform to increase overall awareness of how to recognize and avoid security attacks. Wallace has measurable results showing reduced damages and increased participation by the workforce in reporting suspicious events.

Join John Pescatore and Liz Wallace of Amgen to hear details on the selection, deployment and experience using SANS Security Awareness. The webcast includes a discussion of lessons learned and best practices and gives you the opportunity to ask questions to get deeper insight. Download the whitepaper here.