What the 2023 MITRE Test Means for You

What the 2023 MITRE Test Means for You

A role-specific view of what to take away

As the attack surface expands, and threat actors evolve the sophistication of their attacks, companies continue to explore ways to refine their threat protection and detection capabilities.  MITRE Ingenuity’s real-world tests examine the behavior of some of the most sophisticated of threats and the potential impact they can have on organizations around the world. 

Understanding this year’s test and its different phases is an important first step to putting it to good use.  Join us for this panel discussion with Symantec’s Distinguished Engineer Mark Kennedy and SANS Analyst Matt Bromiley as they talk about how different members of the security team can use and apply the results of this important assessment.  In this session, we will focus on the Security Administrator, the SOC team and the Forensics Analyst and what’s most important about the test to each.  You will learn:

  • How the needs of each security role is different
  • How the scoring for each phase aligns with their priorities
  • What each team member can take away from this year’s test.

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