Using Intelligent Data as a Force Multiplier for Security and IT Ops

Managing security and digital operations has become far more challenging due to increasing threats and increasing infrastructure complexity. How can enterprises effectively manage security for their large and dynamic infrastructures? Despite a plethora of security products, most enterprises struggle to minimize breaches, control costs, and avoid analyst burnout.

In this SANS product review, we spent time with Netenrich’s Resolution Intelligence Cloud, a cloud-native platform for managing security and digital ops at scale. Integrated with Google Chronicle as its security data lake, Resolution Intelligence Cloud provides immense observability and powerful detection, enabling analysts to gain context and drill down into activity. Key takeaways from our review include:

  • Using Resolution Intelligence Cloud for asset visibility and insight into your organization’s footprint.
  • Using ActOns — correlated and enriched alert data with context, prioritized by risk to the business — to speed resolution of what matters most.
  • Using the platform for proactive security needs, such as threat hunting.
  • Comparing enterprise security posture to MITRE’s ATT&CK, looking for gaps in security coverage and areas for improvement.

Join us on May 30, 2023 at 1:00 ET where we’ll review our experience with Netenrich’s Resolution Intelligence Cloud platform. We will look at key highlights and areas where enterprises can find value to quickly harness the vast quantities of data within their environments and gain advantage over adversaries.


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