Tactical Tripwires

  • Wednesday, 19 Apr 2023 1:30PM EDT (19 Apr 2023 17:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Scott Lynch

“I am inevitable.” – Thanos

It isn’t a question of “if” but “when”. Your environment will be compromised. It’s inevitable, like Thanos. The adversary has an unlimited set of tools at their disposal. Your perimeter: porous. Your users: gullible. Getting in isn’t as challenging you’d like to think.

While you can’t prevent the inevitable, you can nearly always detect it. The adversary must take action once they’re in. They must change their position and move in order to achieve their objective. Sitting still is of no advantage. Is this game over? Nope, it’s game on.

They’re on your turf and you have home team advantage! Tactical Tripwires give you the upper hand. Deploying specific, intentional tripwires is like deploying a minefield that the adversary can’t navigate without tipping their hand. If the adversary can’t move unnoticed, then you win! Tactical advantage: yours!

Join Gene & Scott as they discuss tripwires and techniques that are easy to deploy and use.