Shining a Light in the Dark: Observability and Security

The modern threat landscape is a maze of complexity and adversaries that want to impact your organization. The time of “good enough” security is over. We’ve got to look elsewhere in our environments, integrating as many sources of telemetry as possible into your security program.  

We’re calling for a paradigm shift, combining observability and security data to gain and operate on a holistic view of your environment. Join SANS Instructor Matt Bromiley and Elastic’s Security and Observability experts Gagan Singh and Jennifer Ellard to discover how a convergence between security and observability empowers your teams to:

·       Gain unprecedented visibility in a single view, combining security events, application behavior, and infrastructure performance

·       Proactively detect threats with data to find anomalies and potential attacks early on by correlating metrics, logs, and traces across different sources with security data

·       Optimize resources and improve collaboration between various teams within your environment. Eliminate redundant tools and data pipelines to find value quickly in a converged approach. 

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