SANS Cyber Defense Initiative 2023: SANS@Night - Leveraging AI: A Tutorial

  • Tuesday, 12 Dec 2023 7:15PM EST (13 Dec 2023 00:15 UTC)
  • Speaker: David Hoelzer
ChatGPT, GPT-4, Llama 2, Bard, Minerva, Megatron, Claude, Chinchilla... What exactly are these "Large Language Models" that are in the news? What are they really good for? How do they work? What are the risks when we incorporate these into our business process?

This 90 minute presentation and tutorial will explain how these models work, what transformers are, how embeddings work, and how to build a question answering AI... the easy way and the hard way.. in addition to discussing the very real risks that come into play when we try to integrate these systems into a business process!