SANS 2024: SANS@Night - Cracking the Code: The Role of Programming in Information Security

  • Monday, 25 Mar 2024 7:45PM EDT (25 Mar 2024 23:45 UTC)
  • Speaker: Mark Baggett

From one of our early GSE’s (GIAC Security Expert) Mark in this presentation will explore an unpatched vulnerability within Windows, one that attackers can likely exploit to bypass your defenses. Through the lens of this attack, we'll address a significant question: "Are programming skills a requisite for excelling in the field of information security?" Recent research indicates that approximately 20% of entry-level positions in information security demand proficiency in programming. Yet, the ongoing debate in online forums highlights the uncertainty surrounding the necessity of coding skills. Join Mark as we navigate through this discussion, who has vast experience on various cybersecurity roles through his certifications and work experience, examining the intricate relationship between coding expertise and achieving success in the realm of information security.