How Are Remote Workers Working? A SANS Poll

Remote work has quickly become the \new normal" with the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations have been forced to rethink how they will get work done with their employees mandated to stay home. 'How are organizations handling working from home? How well were companies prepared for remote work? How have technological needs changed with this shift? How are teams communicating? How are devices and communications being secured?

When a time like this does not allow for the mission to halt, employees and employers have scrambled to keep the work going. 'Ensuring that teams are equipped, communicating, and are safe at home is key during this time.'this webinar, led by Heather Mahalik SANS Senior Instructor, Author and Senior Director of Digital Intelligence at Cellebrite, covers how companies have adjusted to this new landscape as a workforce. How have things changed and how are we coping and keeping the ball rolling forward from home.


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