Protecting the SDLC: Modernizing Secure Software Delivery with ASPM

Gartner’s recent report on Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) includes a projected 40% adoption rate by 2023. But what’s so transformative about ASPM and what does it mean for you?

Traditional AppSec tools fail to provide holistic visibility and security coverage across the entire SDLC, leaving an urgent need for ASPM to centrally manage application risks from code creation to runtime deployment.

Join James Robinson, Deputy CISO and Director, Netskope and Liav Caspi, Co-Founder and CTO, Legit Security as they discuss the ins and outs of ASPM and how it delivers holistic security and true value. You’ll learn:

• How ASPM’s single pane of glass delivers critical visibility across the broad spectrum of AppSec solutions
• Where ASPM fits in to modernize and improve software supply chain security
• How ASPM identifies security guardrail gaps, redundancies, cost savings opportunities, and areas in need of modernization
• The business value ASPM can deliver across security and engineering teams

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