NeXTSTEP of OSINT: Practical Image and Video verification techniques

  • Tuesday, 30 May 2023 6:00PM JST (30 May 2023 09:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Kengo Ueda

Do you know what OSINT is? OSINT is an abbreviation for "Open Source Intelligence" and is mainly used in the information security world.

It is a method of collecting data from many sources, including the Internet, and analyzing, scrutinizing, and discarding the data to conduct research on specific individuals, systems, or organizations.

In Feb, I introduced the basic elements of OSINT technology (archive available here:

This session will focus on one of the most popular topics, image and video analysis and verification techniques.

I will also introduce resources and trainings to learn more about OSINT in depth.


OSINTという言葉をご存知でしょうか? OSINTとは「Open Source Intelligence」を略した用語で、主に情報セキュリティの世界で使われています。