Mastering Adversary Emulation with Caldera: A Practical Guide

Adversary emulation stands as an indispensable cornerstone in the cybersecurity domain, empowering organizations to proactively evaluate and bolster their defensive capabilities against real-world threats. In this presentation, we delve into the practical application of adversary emulation, leveraging the robust Caldera open-source platform. This demonstration serves as a preview of one of the engaging labs featured in our cutting-edge course, SEC598: Security Automation for Offense, Defense, and Cloud.

Our objective in this presentation is to equip cybersecurity professionals with the requisite knowledge and tools necessary to effectively plan, execute, and analyze adversary emulation campaigns. The presentation covers topics ranging from understanding the fundamentals of adversary emulation and Caldera's architecture to configuring the platform, running campaigns, and interpreting results.

The content is enriched with real-world case studies, integration strategies, best practices, and ethical considerations. By the conclusion of this session, participants will have acquired invaluable insights into harnessing adversary emulation as a powerful tool to elevate their organization's cybersecurity posture and fortify readiness against the constantly evolving threat landscape.

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