Knock, Knock: Is This Security Thing Working?

  • Wednesday, 11 Mar 2020 1:00PM EST (11 Mar 2020 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Matt Bromiley, Dhruv Jain

Let's face facts: despite security awareness training, significant advancements in technology and increased security resources, the security problem remains unsolved. Breaches are more successful than ever. Why aren't the current solutions working? In this new webcast, SANS analyst Matt Bromiley, with a representative from VMWare, will address ways to get control of the situation.

Time to get out of reactive mode and tackle the problem proactively. This webcast looks at intrinsic security--that which is built into the infrastructure, distributed and application-aware. Attendees will learn more about applying this approach in the context of applications, operational effectiveness, and security visibility across the network.

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