Incident or Breach?

  • Tuesday, 19 Jul 2016 3:00PM EDT (19 Jul 2016 19:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Benjamin Wright, Hal Pomeranz

SANS Data Breach Summit Chair, Benjamin Wright and SANS Fellow, Hal Pomeranz, will cover two topics related to data breach scenarios.

Incident or Data Breach: How Do You Know?
Presented by Hal Pomeranz

Not all incidents are created equal. The Incident Response Team is often under pressure to say whether the incident included a significant breach of personal or proprietary data. Hal will look at network and host data for markers that show when the incident du jour becomes something more significant.

Incident or Data Breach: Maintaining Confidentiality
Presented by Benjamin Wright

It is not uncommon for a security team to investigate an incident and learn that in fact it is not serious. But some investigations of incidents discover they are serious breaches of data security, which must be reported under law or contract requirements. Often times these investigations should remain legally confidential. Mr. Wright will explain methods for ensuring confidentiality."

Data Breach Summit

Assessment, Compliance & Communication
August 18 | Chicago, IL
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Join us at the Data Breach Summit to learn even more on this topic. The summit brings together CISOs, risk managers, communication execs, insurers, attorneys, and security professionals to discuss the complexity of a data breach and how to prepare your organization for the inevitable.