How Cloudflare Helps Financial Institutions Improve Visibility Into a Complex Threat Landscape - Q2 Case Study

The financial services industry continues to be a popular attack target, in large part due to the sensitive data and personal information financial institutions safeguard. These institutions are subjected to data scraping, credential stuffing, network intrusion attempts, and more — all while needing to provide fast, reliable service for their end-users and remain compliant with the strictest possible privacy and security regulations. 


Q2 delivers SaaS solutions for financial institutions. Cloudflare, a chosen partner of Q2, enables Q2 to bring their customers visibility across the threat landscape and potential attack vectors that are important to monitor. Join Q2 Principal Security Architect Josh Pena and Cloudflare Product Marketing Manager Catherine Newcomb to learn how SaaS platforms like Q2 can:

  • Use Cloudflare as a defense capability which creates an important differentiator with their own customers
  • Break down traditional complex IT barriers that impede threat visibility
  • Protect sensitive data and systems with modern tactics

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