Forensic Assessment & Variant Discovery In Minutes

Everyone has alerts and everyone has different forms of intelligence they use to try and detect, research, and respond to a threat within their environment.   As a security practitioner, you know the process and time involved to “connect the dots” between the intelligence available and what is in your environment is often time consuming and requires a good deal of knowledge to correlate.  These are all the realities of the world we currently live in as cybersecurity professionals…. but what if we could leverage a new approach to automate these efforts and also better protect your organization in ways that weren’t possible before?  

Be sure to join this educational webinar to see how you can take advantage of the latest analysis and tech to conduct a full scale lookback and current environmental assessment in minutes and determine if you have or have ever been impacted by a threat.  Furthermore your team can determine if variants are or have ever been present in your environment so you can take action based upon a full array of executable information uncovered at the binary level.  

Be sure to join this informative session to learn:

  • How you can automatically ingest all of your threat intelligence and apply it
  • Quickly run a complete threat assessment on your entire environment
  • Determine if a malicious file is or ever has been in your environment
  • Identify variants that have not yet been identified
  • Determine the severity of a malicious file

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