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FOR585 Advanced Smartphone and Mobile Device Forensics Preview: Bypassing Locked Smartphones - Are you really locked out?

  • Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 at 3:00 PM EST (20:00:00 UTC)
  • Heather Mahalik
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Today's smartphone forensic examinations can be halted by a simple lock on a smartphone. The question is - are you really locked out? Directly from our new course material from "FOR585 Advanced Smartphone and Mobile Device Forensics" we will discuss issues pertaining to locked smartphones. What data is accessible on locked smartphones? What if the data is encrypted? How can you forensically access the data? Will the decoding and parsing be affected by the type of lock the smartphone is using?

This webcast will highlight the various locks used on smartphones and will answer the underlying questions on what capabilities currently exist and how to get inside a locked smartphone. The upcoming FOR585 breaks down the issues such as locks and encryption on each smartphone, this webcast simply provides an overview of what you will learn in the course.

Speaker Bio

Heather Mahalik

Heather Mahalik is leading the forensic effort for Ocean's Edge as a project manager. Heather's extensive experience in digital forensics began in 2003. She is currently a certified instructor for the SANS Institute and is the course lead for FOR585: Advanced Smartphone Forensics. Most of Heather's experience includes:

  • Smartphone forensics: including acquisition, analysis, vulnerability discovery, malware analysis, application reverse engineering, and manual decoding
  • Forensic instruction on mobile, smartphone, computer and Mac forensics in support of the U.S. Government, LE, and commercial level
  • Co-author of Practical Mobile Forensics, currently a best seller from Pack't Publishing
  • Technical editor for Learning Android Forensics from Pack't Publishing

Previously, Heather led the mobile device team for Basis Technology, where she focused on mobile device exploitation in support of the U.S. Government. She also worked as a forensic examiner at Stroz Friedberg and the U.S. State Department Computer Investigations and Forensics Lab, where she focused her efforts on high profiles cases. Heather maintains www.smarterforensics.com where she blogs and hosts work from the digital forensics community.

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