Filling the Human Gap with Technology - Artificial Intelligence May Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

“People have become the primary attack vector for cyber-attackers around the world,” said Lance Spitzner, SANS Security Awareness Director and co-author of the report, SANS 2022 Security Awareness Report. “Humans rather than technology represent the greatest risk to organizations, and the professionals who oversee security awareness programs are the key to effectively managing that risk.” 

Well, no disrespect to Mr. Spitzner, but the human problem cannot be solved with more money, training, or security awareness programs. Humans, like tigers, just can't change their stripes (behaviors). However, an interesting titled article in Forbes caught our eye and may have inadvertently given us an answer. AI/ML technologies could be part of the answer to detect and minimize the effectiveness of humans as a primary attack vector.

Join this webinar with Sumo Logic and SANS to learn:

  • What impact do human targets have on cybersecurity
  • Why solving the human problem may ultimately be a technology problem
  • Where AI/ML technologies can help security teams better understand human behaviors and protect the enterprise

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