Enhancing OT Security: A Dual Perspective on Threat Detection with Emerson and Dragos

Join us for a panel discussion presented by Emerson and Dragos, as they share their insights around OT cybersecurity as partners - while also depicting the unique expertise, experience, and responsibilities that they bring to the table to defend customer installations and environments together. Although the core focus of the conversation will be on DeltaV systems, a high-level overview of OT cybersecurity and the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) landscape will be covered and relevant to multiple industry segments, including Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Life Sciences, and Metals & Mining.

As cybersecurity discussions continue to evolve in the industrial space; asset visibility, normal communication baselining, and incident response are now more critical than ever. During this session, we will discuss what asset owners should do to keep up with their industrial application's protections and propose questions such as whether this is a certification-related topic, or if we are all simply overthinking this challenge.

After these foundational elements are discussed, our panelists will dive deeper into how threat monitoring techniques from the perspectives of both ICS/OEM vendors (Emerson) and OT visibility and incident response (Dragos) combine to protect your industrial applications from cyber threats.


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