Empowering Incident Response via Automation

  • Friday, 22 Mar 2019 2:00PM EDT (22 Mar 2019 18:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Matt Bromiley

Despite advances in incident response, the security community tells SANS there are plenty of things to fix. Automation is sometimes presented as the solution, but what does that mean? In a new SANS webcast and paper, we will talk about automation to empower your employees and make them more successful.

While we are making noticeable advancements in some areas, such as dwell times, there's still significant room for improvement in automation. Join us to examine some of the critical issues facing incident responders today. These issues, which may vary in your organization, typically include:

  • The inability to move from remediation/eradication to recovery
  • Monotonous and/or laborious processes that eat up time that could be spent dealing with incidents
  • Lack of data enrichment to help make investigative decisions
  • Lack of investigative tracking mechanisms to help teams "learn from the past"

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