Using Deception Technologies to Defend Against Active Directory and Ransomware Attacks

  • Thursday, 16 Apr 2020 1:00PM EDT (16 Apr 2020 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Rami Mizrahi, Kyle Dickinson, Kevin Fiscus

Deception technologies are among the newest entries in the cybersecurity arsenal. But how do they work to address key security concerns? Speakers will present various attack scenarios, provide general approaches to thwarting those attacks with deception technologies, and offer a closer look at how the Fidelis Elevate platform's Deception features can provide protection.

In this webcast, attendees will learn:

  • What deception technologies are and how they work
  • How deception technologies can address Active Directory and ransomware attacks
  • How Fidelis Deception can respond to such attacks and gain intelligence on the attack methods
  • How to use deception to gain intelligence on attackers and attack methods

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