Cyber Solutions Fest 2023: SOC & SOAR

The Cyber Solutions Fest will explore implementations via the lens of people, process, and technology. Technology that enables people to implement process effectively will feature heavily as vendors highlight actual customer deployments and their implementations of artificial intelligence and machine learning. There will also be highlights on managed service offerings and cloud deployments, as our IT deployment and the security applied to them becomes more distributed within our supply chain and vendor partnerships.

There will be examples of lessons learned from customer deployments, as well as insights from their tool developers and designers about how they see the tools being deployed. The people building the next generation of tools will identify where they project the market to go.

People working in cybersecurity frequently site an excess of data, and shortcomings in technology of helping to elevate the right data to visibility. People frequently cite a shortage of skilled cybersecurity staff as a common issue. May be due to organization funding issues, hiring practices, or unavailability of staff. We’ll hear how companies are addressing these challenges to hire, train and retain staff.

Defenders should be in a position to focus their analytical capability on attacker activity, provide guidance for IT teams deploying new systems on secure system architecture and deployment, and leverage trustworthy teams and service providers to make attackers’ efforts futile. We’re not there yet, but attending this event will give you ideas about how your peers are solving cybersecurity issues.

Join in on the action! Connect with fellow attendees and our event chairs in the SANS Solutions Forum Interactive Slack Workspace. Sign in once and you'll be all set for the rest our of 2023 Solutions Forums. We'll see you there!


Thank You to Our Sponsors

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