Community Night – SANS Secure Australia 2023

The Changing Role of a Security Leader and What It Means to You

As the world of information technology continues to change, so does the role of the security leader. Whether you're a CISO, Director of Security, or someone aspiring for such a position, you should consider how the current trends in IT and business affect your professional journey.

Does your current approach to security leadership set you up for success? Attend this session to learn how experienced CISOs:

  • Align their security strategy to the business it aims to support
  • Ask the right questions to excel in challenging situations
  • Gain support of their efforts from non-security stakeholders
  • Use technical and communication skills to their advantage

Those of us whose professional roots are grounded in technology often look at enterprise defenses from the perspective of the threats. While understanding the relationship between attacks and defenses is important, it's no longer sufficient. Attend this session to learn how to think about the role of a modern security leader to succeed in today's business environment.

Cyber Security is Great. What about Physical Security?

Cyber Security focuses on several methods that attackers use to infiltrate networks and obtain acess to machines, often leveraging sophisticated attack vectors. 

However, even the most fortified network can be brought down by aphysical attack. This talk aims tocover numerous angles of physical security and go over related technologies that can be applied today to protect our physical infrastructure from determined attackers. This can be anything from a small home office to corporate infrastructure with hundreds of devices. Although some of these techniques appear as science fiction, they're actually applicable in our current environments.




  • ビジネスをサポートするためのセキュリティ戦略
  • 困難な状況を乗り越えるための的確な質問の仕方
  • セキュリティ技術者以外のステークホルダーの支持を得る方法
  • 技術力とコミュニケーション力を駆使する方法