Building and Maturing Your Threat Hunt Program

  • Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019 1:00PM EDT (25 Jun 2019 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: David Szili

While threat hunting sounds exciting--and promising--building an effective program can be daunting. The very definition of threat hunting is fluid, creating confusion about how to use it. Practitioners often have varying opinions about what would be involved in a threat hunt program and how to use it. And, there are many questions about how to develop a program that can evolve into an effective, mature one.

In this new SANS webcast, SANS instructor Davis Szili, with insights from a Cisco representative, will help attendees define threat hunting and create an effective process for using it.'the webcast will address getting started, including building a team, what a typical hunt might look like and building a knowledge base for later use. 'Attendees also will learn how to create a test lab and use effective metrics.

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