Breach and Attack Simulation & Security Team Success

Many companies test to see if malicious actors can gain access into their environment or steal their valuable information, however, most security professionals don’t know if they would be able to detect adversaries once they are already inside. In fact, only 20% of common attack behaviors are caught by out-of-the-box EDR, MSSP and SEIM solutions.

Come listen to Scott Southerland, Vice President of Research, discuss how Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) is a critical piece of security team success at any organization.

You’ll gain valuable insights into:

- Key BAS market trends.

- Critical discoveries from years of testing.

- Noteworthy feedback from security team leaders.

Finally, you will learn how these findings have impacted the development of NetSPI’s latest Breach and Attack Simulation updates, which launched earlier this year, empowering security professionals to efficiently evaluate their detective controls, educate their SOC teams, and execute on actionable intelligence!


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