A zero-trust user access model can expedite compliance with new looming NERC CIP regulations

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation's Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) standards are pivotal in safeguarding the reliability and security of the North American power grid. With the deadline for NERC CIP-003-9 looming in April 2026, asset owners face significant challenges in aligning their cybersecurity measures with these stringent requirements. This presentation will explore challenges and elements for key NERC CIP-003-9 requirements and an example of successful implementation
Introduction to NERC CIP-003-9 Requirements:
• Overview of the NERC CIP-003-9 standards with a focus on access control and management.
• Explanation of the April 2026 deadline implications for power generation asset owners.
NERC CIP-003-9 Elements:
• Secure Access Control: Ensures compliance by providing secure, context-aware access to critical cyber assets.
• Identity Verification: Advanced user authentication aligns with NERC’s requirements for identity and access management.
• Monitoring and Logging: Continuous monitoring and detailed logging capabilities support incident response and recovery plans as required by NERC.
• Remote Access Management: Secure, controlled remote access aligns with NERC’s mandates for remote access management.
• Configuration Management: Helps maintain information about hardware and software configurations, ensuring compliance with NERC’s asset management requirements.
Case Study and Implementation Strategy:
• Example of successful implementation with power generation OEM.
• Strategic recommendations for meeting the 2026 deadline.
• Summary of capabilities in ensuring NERC CIP-003-9 compliance.
• Final thoughts on enhancing overall cybersecurity posture through zero-trust
This session will equip asset owners with the knowledge and tools to efficiently transition to a compliant and secure infrastructure and meet NERC CIP-003-9.

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