A SANS First Look at a Self-Supervised Learning Application for Anomaly Detection

Let’s face it – analysts have far too much data these days. We know how complex the modern enterprise is getting with today’s organizations needing to scale hybrid environments across the globe with a complex remote workforce. Security analysts are charged with protecting these complex environments. However, each new element brings even more data to the security team.

In this SANS webcast, we examine MixMode, a platform designed to help organizations wrangle and make sense of their data, at an enterprise scale. Via their proprietary AI algorithm(s), MixMode boasts a self-learning platform that can ingest various data types, from endpoint to network to cloud, and help analysts identify adversarial threats, both commodity and unique. MixMode can significantly reduce false positive or noisy data, allowing analysts to focus on threats that matter.

Join us on February 22, 2023, at 10:30 ET where SANS instructor Matt Bromley and MixMode’s Chief Strategy officer, Matt Shea, discuss using self-supervised learning to improve alert precision.