Hack More. Report Less. Fix What You Find Every Time.

  • Thursday, 16 Nov 2023 3:50PM EST (16 Nov 2023 20:50 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dan DeCloss

Without the right tools and processes in place, test planning and report creation can be a manual nightmare, taking pentesters' focus away from what they do best — hacking.

Offensive security teams, it’s time to say goodbye to manual drudgery and start elevating your efficiency and impact. Join Dan DeCloss, founder and CTO at PlexTrac for, "Hack More. Report Less: Fix What You Find Every Time." Dan will share pro-tips, cutting-edge tools, and innovative techniques needed to successfully automate the entire testing lifecycle — from reconnaissance to exploitation to findings delivery — and improve time to value. The session will also offer expert insights into: 

  • Optimizing quality assurance (QA) workflows for reports: Discover how to streamline the review and approval processes without sacrificing the depth and accuracy of their findings.
  • Moving beyond static, document-based findings delivery: Gain insights into leveraging interactive platforms, incorporating real-time collaboration, and implementing dynamic reporting mechanisms that drive rapid and comprehensive remediation efforts. 
  • Revolutionizing your testing methodologies: Learn how to minimize manual efforts and ensure that every identified vulnerability translates into a fortified security posture through a demo of the PlexTrac platform. 

Join us in reshaping the future of penetration testing — one where hacking is prioritized, reporting is optimized, and remediation is swift and assured.


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