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SANS Information Security Webcasts are live web broadcasts combining knowledgeable speakers with presentation slides. SANS offers several types of webcasts designed to provide valuable information and enhance your security education.

  • Ask The Expert Webcasts: SANS Experts bring current and timely information on relevant topics in IT Security. ATE webcasts are the go-to online format to obtain actionable information to help you in your security goals.
  • WhatWorks Webcasts: The SANS WhatWorks webcasts bring powerful customer experiences showing how end users resolved specific IT Security issues. These webcasts feature actual customers telling their story and what product worked for them to resolve their issue.
  • Tool Talks: These special webcasts offer an opportunity for you to hear from Information Security Vendors. Tool Talks are designed to give you a solid understanding of a problem, and how a vendor's commercial tool can be used to solve or mitigate that problem.

Not able to attend a SANS webcast? All Webcasts are archived so you may view and listen at a time convenient to your schedule. View our webcast archive and access webcast recordings/PDF slides.

Upcoming Webcasts
Date Title Sponsor Speaker
Tuesday, September 29, 2020
at 1:00 PM EDT
(2020-09-29 17:00 UTC)
Reimagining Endpoint Security: From EDR to XDRCisco Systems Inc.
Dave Gruber, Gedeon Hombrebueno, Ben Greenbaum
Wednesday, September 30, 2020
at 5:30 PM AEST
(2020-09-30 07:30 UTC)
Extracting Evidence from ZIP FilesJosh Lemon
Wednesday, September 30, 2020
at 10:30 AM EST
(2020-09-30 14:30 UTC)
Hacking the Security Footprint of Open Source DependenciesSnyk
Liran Tal
Wednesday, September 30, 2020
at 1:00 PM EDT
(2020-09-30 17:00 UTC)
More than a Buzzword: How to Deliver on the Promise of Machine LearningThreat Stack
Chris Ford, Jacob Williams
Thursday, October 01, 2020
at 10:00 AM EDT
(2020-10-01 14:00 UTC)
BIPOC in Cybersecurity Forum: From Inclusion to EquityLodrina Cherne, Chris Cochran, Ronald Eddings, Tomiko Evans, Mari Galloway, Jessica Gulick, Stephen A. Hart, InfoSteph, Christina Morillo, Xena Olsen, Mansi Thakar, Dominique West, Larry Whiteside
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